The Maximum Impact package is for online, service based businesses who have their sights set on reaching a million dollars and know they need to build better business-infrastructure to support their growth.

When it comes to reaching a million dollars in revenue, most business owners will look to new marketing strategies or new, exciting (and higher priced) offerings.

What they fail to realize is, their business growth is largely dependent on having the right infrastructure to support the growth they want to see. Without this infrastructure, things quickly begin to fall apart.

When you play big, the stakes are high. And the larger your business grows, the more unruly it can become.

And you may have infrastructure right now – namely a team that supports you and your clients.  You may even have systems in place that everyone is supposed to follow.

But are they enough?

By and large, when we review business operations for our clients we find that:

These three things alone can account for tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost profit per year, and limit the business from growing to the million-dollar mark.

This is where we come in.

Our specialty is laying the infrastructure and strong operational foundation a business needs to support growth to a million dollars per year and beyond.

We will closely examine how your business currently operates, the systems you already have in place, and your team, then over the course of a year we will help you optimize each of these areas allowing your business to scale smoothly and relieve 90% of the pressure from YOU to drive growth.

Because let’s face it, you’re one person, you can’t possibly wear all the hats.

If you’re the point person to make decisions for every project, and most of your team members report to you directly, you’re not only making it impossible to scale your business; – you’re going to feel constantly burned out and trapped.

Maximum Impact is your solution to having a smoothly operating business that doesn’t rely on YOU and is poised to grow above and beyond a million dollars a year.

Here is how the maximum impact package works.

Step 1: We begin by examining how your business operates, the systems you already have in place, and who is currently on your team.

We focus on 6 key areas of business to find the best opportunities for revenue growth, opportunities for efficiency, and where profit can be increased:

Money Sources and Money Leaks

We will look at how you’re acquiring clients, what the enrollment and onboarding process looks like, and where you might be leaving money on the table. We closely examine your payment systems and processes to ensure debts are being properly collected and all client contracts are up to date. We will also look at where your cash flow is going and make sure it is being allocated to maximize profit and support the growth of your business.

Customer Satisfaction

We examine how you’re delivering your services to customers and the systems you have in place for answering questions, following up, and delivering on your promises. If you’re currently experiencing challenges with unhappy customers or have tapped out your capacity, we’ll also explore those problems and create solutions that work for you.


We take stock of the marketing strategies you’re using, and the funnels you currently have in place, and examine the technical aspects of how these parts of your business operate. We pinpoint areas that are not working and identify opportunities to improve conversions across your campaigns.


We review your current client-enrollment and follow up process and identify opportunities to improve your metrics (such as show up rates and conversion rates). We also identify where your ability to scale may be limited and/or leads are falling through the cracks.


We go through your current business systems to identify what we can improve, what can be automated, and what needs to be upgraded (such as your technology/software stack). We also review your team roles and responsibilities to ensure everyone is assigned to the roles that best suit their skillset and whether there are roles that are missing.

Planning and Goal Setting

Here, we focus on how you track your progress toward goals, manage projects, and stay on top of KPIs and other metrics. This enables you to make better-informed decisions for efficient business growth and scaling.

Step 2: Now that we have a deeper understanding of what your business looks like “on the inside” we’ll meet with you to discuss what you would like your business to look like in the next year.

We’ll set goals that are realistic while still stretching your limits along with measurable action plans in these areas:


What you want your revenue and profit to look like, and how many clients you need to enroll in each package to reach your goals.


What hot issues you want resolved and which marketing strategies you will use to reach your sales goals. We track every single metric so that reaching your goals becomes a science rather than a pipe dream.


We will help you reshape your business to create the life you want, beginning with how many hours you want to be working and what you want to be doing with your time. 

Team and Systems

We will take ownership of your current processes, develop new ones where necessary, and automate as much as possible. If a process can’t be automated with software, we will hand it over to the best available team member – or find someone who can own it.

Delivering Your Product/Services

Create a plan for delivering exceptional experiences for your clients so they become long-term customers and continue to refer business to you.

Step 3: From here, we hit the ground running.

We will select and hire your dedicated operations manager that will be your point person for day-to-day operations. Your operations manager is the one that will now wear “all of the hats” when it comes to managing the individuals within your team and making sure everything is getting done to your standards. They will manage team meetings, track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) along with other metrics, and report to you on a weekly basis.

Step 4: We hire and train key team members to fill the gaps in your current operational structure.

We will also train your existing team members to use the SOPs we install and fulfill new roles if necessary/they are a good fit. (It’s worth noting that the people we hire typically have an hourly rate that is much lower than those you would hire on your own.)

Step 5: We will continue to steer your business toward your goals, execute your plan, track necessary metrics, and course correct based on the metrics we gather. 

We will meet quarterly to go over progress toward your goals and make any adjustments necessary.

By the end of the year you will have a completely organized business that is on its way (or has reached) a million dollars in revenue all with less reliance on YOU.

Our retainer is $5,800 a month. We begin with a three month commitment, and from there your commitment will continue on a month-to-month basis.

This monthly retainer covers strategic support and planning, your operations manager, the hiring, training, and management of your team, development and ownership of business systems and processes (i.e. your sales, marketing, client delivery, operation, and financial systems), and driving your overall marketing strategy.

You’ll be responsible for paying your team members (other than your operations manager) separately. You can rest assured that our priority is to save you money and maximize your investment in your team. Not only do we specialize in finding talented and cost-effective team members, we also have systems in place to track their performance and their effect on revenue growth of your business.

When you consider our goal is to put you on the path to reaching a million dollars in revenue, this is a sound investment. PLUS, our first priority when performing our initial business-audit is to find opportunities for our fee to be completely covered within the first 3 months. So it’s a win-win.

The Maximum Impact program will be a great fit for you if:

Just imagine, a year from now.

You’re serving more clients, making an even bigger impact, and confidently growing your business.

These are all things we will help you accomplish.