Consider for a moment all of the tasks that need to be executed on a daily basis to run a successful business.


★ Marketing content needs to be created, repurposed across platforms, sent to email subscribers etc.

★ Leads need to be followed up with, sales calls scheduled, and proposals and contracts sent out.

Your network needs to be tended to, potential partners need to be reached out to, promotional copy sent out.

Your next sales campaign needs to be mapped out, copy written, landing pages updated or created, and all executed flawlessly.

Your projects need to be checked in on, decisions need to be made about how to move forward, and results must be tracked.

Emails from prospects, customers, partners, and others need to be answered.

Problems need to be addressed for individual customers or within your organization.

Team members need to be managed, checked on, and given direction.


When you think about it - the number of things that fall on the business owners shoulders is overwhelming. All of these (and more) are what we take off your plate and make sure are getting done to your satisfaction so you can focus only on the parts of your business you are passionate about (usually the parts where you actually feel like you’re making an impact!)

If you have people on your team who are already great, then we will definitely incorporate them into your plan!

The truth is though, most people are terrible at hiring. 

It’s not a character flaw, being able to identify the key parts of a role, and then find the right person to fill the position is a highly specialized skill set.

Very often business owners hire a team member to fulfill too many roles and end up with someone who isn’t as proficient as they need to be. Or, they are paying someone too much for a role that could be done for less which is sapping their profit.

If we find that you have team members that aren’t really performing to a high enough standard or are in the wrong roles, we will provide recommendations and help you navigate any changes necessary to reaching your business goals.

We engage in contracts for a year at a time. Our role is to offer strategic guidance, create SOPs that allow your business to run more smoothly, and hire and train key team members during that time. 

If you decide not to continue for another year, you’ll get to keep everything we’ve already put in place as well as the team members we’ve helped you hire and train. 

You will simply no longer have our operations manager on your team (so you’ll become the point person again for your team - or you can hire another operations manager), nor our strategic guidance for reaching your next level.

Since we are creating a long-term foundation for the growth of your business our contracts need to be at least 12 months to allow us time to smoothly transition your business. If your business is not in a position to be able to confidently invest for the full year, then this may not be the best program for you at this time.

That said, our goal in the first three months is to find opportunities in your business to cover our retainer completely so it becomes a non-issue (and we’ve had great success doing that in the past).

This is a common conundrum business owners face, if they hire someone for less they get someone too inexperienced and it takes A LOT of work and training to get them to a skill level where you can trust them to perform, and you simply don’t have that time to invest. So instead, business owners hire team members who are already experienced and pay them much higher rates.

With us, you get the best of both worlds. You get a highly skilled team member AND the benefit of paying a lower hourly rate. 

Here’s how: 

We are very good at identifying exactly what skills are necessary to fill a role, and we screen our applicants very carefully. We also have a series of “tests” they’ll go through during the hiring process (both overt and covert) to ensure we are hiring people that are going to do the job well. 

PLUS, we are responsible for training them and that is something we are also good at and have high standards for just like our clients.

The main thing the retainer does not cover is the wages for your team (other than your operations manager) so you’ll need to budget for that. When we have your initial consultation we can talk about what costs to expect for the team members you will likely need to hire so you can have all the information you need to make a decision on whether this is right for you.

The other thing the retainer does not cover are large one-off projects. This program is designed to build infrastructure for day-to-day operations of your business such as ongoing marketing activities, client enrollment, and customer service.

If you have a larger project such as a launch, putting on a live event, or moving all of your content to a new platform, and you would like us to manage it for you then we can give you a project-based quote. We actually have our own in-house teams that manage these types of projects and this add-on service is only available to our retainer clients.

While many of the steps and deliverables sound similar at first glance, each package is very different in execution.

The Effortless Growth package is geared toward businesses that have a small team (3 people or less) and have reached a stage where they feel like they are treading water. They need someone who understands how to grow online businesses and can come in and provide the strategy and structure, and execute the daily tasks that are necessary to grow their business to its next milestone.

The Maximum Impact package on the other hand is for businesses who have their sights set on reaching a million dollars in revenue, already have a team and some processes in place. In order to reach their goals they need someone to come in and clean up, optimize, and take ownership of their operations so they can increase capacity, run more efficiently, and lay the groundwork to smoothly scale–all while removing the business owner from the day-to-day operations.