You can't Scale a One (Wo)Man Show

You have a 6 figure business that is consuming every waking moment of your life, and the idea of growing your business doesn’t seem all that interesting to you anymore as you simply cannot take on anything new.

I remember the days when my business took up so much energy that there was barely any left for my husband and kids. I recall sitting on the couch one specific evening after another exhausting 16-hour day, not feeling able to pet our purring family cat. I honestly had nothing left to give at that moment.

I want to ask you a really pertinent question: Is mediocrity really what you had in mind when you started your entrepreneurial journey? Mediocrity doesn’t leave room for dreams, possibilities, and living the life that you are destined for. Granted, you are tired. I get that.

What you need is systems, and you need them fast. With the right systems in place for all the pieces that you are juggling on a daily basis, you will create more repeatability, more consistency, and the ability to delegate more to others.

Implement these quick tips for some immediate relief to your day:

✔ Identify a daily task that you repeat most in your work-week
✔ Ask yourself: “Am I really the only person in the world who can do this?”
✔ Write down the exact steps you take to complete this task
✔ Delegate it immediately
✔ Repeat

You need to start creating systems in your company that doesn’t need you to be there so that you can grow a profitable business while spending quality time with your family, doing the things that truly matter, going on vacations, AND pursuing your business dreams again.

Your business’s journey to streamlined success starts with a simple conversation.